jillmariej (jillmariej) wrote,

The Perfect Pairing Master Post

Title: The Perfect Pairing
Artist: dancing_adrift
Author: jillmariej
Rating: mature
Summary: Jared is the top creative consultant and event planner at Wallace Entertainment. When he gets passed over for promotion in favor of the owner's nephew, former TV star Jensen Ackles, Jared starts making plans to get out and start his own company. He doesn't care how qualified Jensen is, how supposedly nice, how good looking... But over the rush of the holidays, maybe Jensen can still change Jared's mind and persuade him to stay - with the company, and with him.

Art: master post

Story: chapter 1,
chapter 2,
chapter 3,
chapter 4,

I have never worked with such a kind and generous person.dancing adrift aka Amanda. She is a wonderful artist but she also beta'd, coded and cheer-leaded. I seriously could not have done this without her.
Tags: j2, j2 au, j2_reversebang, the perfect pairing
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