jillmariej (jillmariej) wrote,

A Winchester, a Ghost and a Gunman

Title:     A Winchester, a Ghost and a Gunman
Author:  jillmariej
Prompt:  Dean Winchester walks into a bar and meets Melvin Frohike
Fandoms:  Supernatural  and The X-files
Word count: 3000
Rating/Contents: pg 13  (Same amount of violence and light swearing as the shows)
Written for the May 2018  intoabar challenge

Summary: The Lone Gunmen may believe in every government conspiracy known to man, but they don't believe the lead singer of Metallica shares a name with this kid claiming to be a U.S. Marshal.  Dean Winchester may be young, but he knows how to do the job and how to accept an expert's help.

dreamwidth     ao3  

Tags: crossover, dean winchesster, intoabar, supernatural, the x-files

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